Peru, the great nation of the unexpected’ develops 2 videos of Peru that give us some of its wonders.


The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (Promperú) launched a new campaign for foreign tourists.

Through the concept ‘Peru, the Great Nation of the Unexpected’ (or Igaisei Taikoku Peru, in Japanese), we want to position our benefits in the young segment called Land of the Rising Sun, and in this way increase the interest of the traveler for those tourist attractions offered by the national territory.

The campaign intends to make known the destination of Peru, and highlight the beauty of its landscapes, the local culture and eliminate existing prejudices, as well as the little knowledge about distances and costs; all under the premise that our country is unexpectedly beautiful and friendly.


What is the content of the videos from Peru?

In addition to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, the videos show many locations still little known by the Japanese, such as the oasis of Huacachina and the “Montaña 7 colores” (Vinicunca).

Each piece is presented from the perspective of two young influencers, the photographer Instagrammer Kohki Yamaguchi who has 160,000 followers on social networks in Japan and abroad, and Yurie Akutsu, a model that has a total of 100,000 followers in their networks social.

This instagrammer photographer and the model not only starred in the audiovisual pieces of the novel campaign of Promperú, they also made several publications on Instagram, in order to share their travel experiences with thousands of followers.

According to the last Profile of the Foreign Tourist elaborated by the institution, the average cost of the Japanese tourist is 1,848 dollars.

With this initiative it is expected to reach Japanese people who travel for vacations and who seek information on the Internet and social networks. For this, appropriate content has been generated for these platforms.

With this campaign in Japan, Promperú continues betting on the promotion of inspiring travel experiences, reinforcing the traditional marketing work through innovative digital tools.


Vídeo N° 1


Vídeo N° 2


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