The celebrates the San Juan:

The Peruvian Amazon does not stop surprising us, as well as its beautiful landscapes and natural riches, it also offers us the emblematic and joyful festival of San Juan Bautista, which takes place every June 24 in the tourist week of Iquitos.

During these dates, the main cities of the Amazon are filled with tourists, who can enjoy exquisite typical dishes, handicrafts and ecological fairs, dances, parades and rituals.

The festival of San Juan: why is it so important?










During that season Peruvian and foreign tourists gather in different cities of the jungle of Peru: Loreto, Ucayali, Tarapoto, among others to celebrate San Juan festival, which is a christian event in honor of San Juan Bautista.

It is one of the most important festivals in Peru, which combines the tradition of the man who baptized Jesus and the reverence for water, an element of great interest to the indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon. According to many stories, this devotion began in colonial times.

Its central date is June 24 but previous days many of activities such as processions and parades is carried out. Previously, San Juan festival was performed only with local music, but now the inhabitants and tourists who visit the region also enjoy other types of music.

What will we see at the San Juan festival?










A custom on this date is the ‘blessed bath’ in the river because it is considered that they will have happiness and health during the year.

Processions, parades, typical bands and walks are other customs that characterize this multitudinous event.

What typical dishes will be enjoyed at the San Juan party?










The jungle has an infinity of typical dishes and tasting them in the Fiesta de San Juan is part of their custom.

As is the case of ‘Juane’, which represents the head of San Juan Bautista who, according to the bible, was decaptiated.


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